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Why do Dental Implants fail to case of a failing implant

As more and more Dental Implants are being placed we have been seeing more and more Dental Implants failing.  There are a number of reasons dental implants fail.  Some implants fail to integrate into the bone usually these problems manifest themselves early after the implant is placed.  Some reasons for early failure can be poor quality and poor quantity of bone, Uncontrolled Diabetics, Smokers, Overheating of the bone during placement, and bone Compression during insertion.

A major problem showing up with many Dental Implants is Peri-implantitis.  This is an infection of the gums and bone surrounding the implant similar to Periodontitis (gum disease).   Two recent systematic reviews of the literature in the Journal Of Periodontology and The Journal of the American Dental Association show the incidence to be about 40%.  With numbers like these we will be seeing many dental implants failing in the near future.

Here is a case that presented recently at our office with Peri-Implantitis around an implant


This is a video of a failing dental implant that you have an infection called peri-implantitis.   The implant was so compromised with infection that the implant needed to be removed.  Since the surgeon that placed the implant could not be found the type of implant could not be determined a guess was made utilizing what implantisthat .com and a conclusion was made that it was Zimmer screw vent but since it could not be exactly determined and the fact that dentistry has not standardized the implant abutment screws it was opted to remove the ailing and failing implant by sectioning it and explanting the fixture through the buccal.  The ND: YAG periolase was used after the implant was removed in order to disinfect the implant site and to create to thermolitic clot. Dental implants have been found to fail according to two recent articles in the peer reviewed Journals JOP and JADA at about 40% failure rate.  Yes 40% of Dental Implants are failing.  Peri-Implantitis is one of the most significant reasons for their failure.  Most of these implants that are failing have Periodontitis as their risk factor.   If you would like to learn more about the laser Periolase and the LAPIP procedure visit our web site

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