Dental Tooth Bridges in Downey, California

For missing teeth, one of the most common solutions for patients is the use of dental tooth bridges.  These bridges work perfectly at filling in gaps created by missing teeth, allowing for patients to have a more aesthetically pleasing smile.

Gaps in smiles can cause several problems beyond simply affecting a patient’s self esteem.  Nearby teeth have a tendency to move out of position over time, causing other alignment issues that will have to be addressed.  Fortunately, the doctor and friendly staff at John McAllister DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Downey are trained and equipped to prepare and fit patients with new bridges.

To well-constructed bridge fills in the face, improving the shape and helping patients to maintain a more youthful appearance.  Food can be chewed more evenly while eating, allowing for the force to be distributed throughout the mouth and preventing deterioration of other teeth. Speech is also often affected when teeth are removed. Fortunately, bridge can correct this problem, helping the patient to speak more clearly.

Unlike bridges that were once constructed using a combination of metal and porcelain, new bridges are available that are made entirely from porcelain. This helps to eliminate any unsightly dark lines at the gum line, where the metal would often show above the porcelain.  Due to advances in resin production, these particular porcelain bridges also have a natural looking translucency that are virtually identical to real teeth.

During your first visit to the dental office in Downey, preparation will begin on your bridge. The first step will be recontouring the anchoring teeth so the crowns fit over them and making impressions of the patient’s mouth. This process is very important, as the impressions made ultimately serve as a model with which the dental lab constructs the current bridge. The dentist will provide a temporary bridge that can be worn until the subsequent visit.

During the second visit, the temporary bridge is removed and the permanent bridge is cemented to the natural teeth.  While follow-up visits may be required to make adjustments, patients usually tolerate the new bridges very well and are happy with the results.

Missing teeth can cause unneeded complications, leading to further dental problems.  The dentist at our Downey office is trained to professionally provide you with the quality dental care necessary to not only restore your smile, but to also maintain the health of your remaining teeth. For more information about dental tooth bridges, please contact us for an appointment today.

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