Restorative care have advanced to the level where it is now difficult to tell the difference between a crown and a normal tooth.  Years ago, the majority of porcelain crowns were set above metal cores in the mouth.  As a result, the metal would often show through at the gum line.  While this metal was necessary then to provide more support to withstand the biting forces of the mouth, with advanced porcelain materials available today, restorative crowns are now made entirely of porcelain.

The dentist and staff at John G McAllister DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Downey, California have years of experience in restorative care. As such, we can work with patients to restore healthy, natural looking smile. Whether your situation is more commonplace or requires advanced restorative work, we have the expertise necessary to get the job done.

Advanced restorative procedures not only include the use of crowns, but also implant bridges. These bridges are an excellent solution for replacing one or more missing teeth. Metal rods are inserted into the gum line, replacing missing roots. Artificial teeth are then capped over these rods, filling in gaps in smiles where the natural teeth are missing. Using bridge can help to prevent the movement of other teeth, which can lead to further dental damage and tooth loss. They also help fill in the face, often giving to patients to more youthful looking appearance.


Another commonly used restorative material is the veneer.  Veneers are excellent for fixing the front of the teeth. They are very thin pieces of porcelain or plastic which are bonded to the teeth.  By improving the color, as well as correcting misshapen or chipped teeth, veneers help to improve the look of the patient’s smile, giving them more confidence and boosting self esteem.

When a cavity has to be removed and the tooth subsequently restored, patients no longer have to worry about unsightly silver fillings which were once commonly used.  Today there are porcelain or synthetic resins that dentists use to fill Samba, thus giving the tooth a more natural appearance.  These resins are just durable and strong as the old metal fillings.

Our goal is to not only fix your teeth and prevent further dental problems, but also to restore your smile and help improve your confidence. Healthy, beautiful smiles can be achieved through the use of advanced restorative techniques and procedures offered at our dental office. For more information or to make an appointment today, please contact us.

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