Mini implants

They can be the solution to their problems of dentures. Using the more modern in dental implants, our dental system of mini implants, ABEC is called implants dentures, can help you to smile, talk, and eat with confidence, quickly and easily. Only takes between one and two hours to place the mini implants.

With our accurate, controlled, and minimally invasive surgery technique, miniature titanium implant, which placed in the jawbone, it provides a solid foundation and strong to hold your dentures. These implants act as the root of your tooth. The heads of the implants, which have the shape of a ball, on leave. Retaining mount is like a grave containing a rubber washer buckling on the ball when dentures sits. Held the dentures to a default strength level. This allows the dentures that rest gently on tissues of the gums, especially when it is seated.

Applauded as one of the great dental advances in the past 25 years, the mini implants dental are considered the most significant in dentistry of implants. Thousands and thousands of patients have benefited from the replacement of teeth lost to restoring their smiles and feeling of confidence. This innovative technology is considerably more accessible than other forms of treatment. It is a procedure of a step which takes less time and recovers more quickly that joint implants. It can be completed in an appointment and almost without hassle.

Our dental experts have a lot experience with the mini dental implants. If you want a query to determine if you are a candidate for the mini implants, or to book an appointment, call us today.  (top)

Fillings compounds

Gone are the days when the cavity is filled with a mixture of metals including silver and mercury. Now, with advances in dentistry, its decay – technology and other holes in their teeth – are cured in light with a paste of resin tooth color to match the color of your teeth. These composite fillings are used to repair teeth affected by caries, cracks or fractures, making them invisible when you apply. The affected aria is also sealed to prevent tooth decay.

Composite tooth colored fillings are more aesthetically appropriate for parties more visible teeth. Although you fillings the cosmetics are durable and last for many years, as most of the cosmetic restorations, are not permanent. Perhaps someday will need replacing. Be sure to use good oral hygiene and visit your dentist regularly to prolong the life of your composite fillings.

Some of the factors that enter into the decision to use composite fillings include:

  • The size of the aria that is needed to fill.
  • The location of the aria in the mouth (i.e., a tooth that is too used to chew).
  • Allergies the patient may have.
  • The preference of the customer in regard to the use of metals in the mouth.
  • If it is necessary to cosmetically use tooth colored fillings.

All that is needed is a single visit to our office so that you discover the wonders of fillings cosmetics can give you a beautiful smile of long-life you deserve. Make an appointment today for a consultation.  (top)


Get that smile that you state yearning. Crowns, also known as “caps”, cover all visible parts of the surface of the teeth and reset them to original shape and size. In our office, we use the technology more modern coating their teeth damaged or broken with our pure porcelain crowns so seem better (on the outside) to your teeth. With proper care, the Crown restored the beauty of your smile for many years. They protect and strengthen the structure of the tooth which cannot be restored with fillings or other types of restorations.

Porcelain is the kind of Crowns most popular because they resemble your natural teeth. Although they last a long time and hold for a long period of time, eventually needed replacing. Why proper oral care is needed in combination with good oral hygiene and regular visits to your dentist.

Depending on the type of treatment that received by your dental problem, perhaps it is necessary that:

  • Need to restore your tooth to its size and original form.
  • Supply additional hardware for the treated tooth.
  • Get a complete “Makeover” to the affected tooth.

For cases like these, a Crown is the choice more logic. While porcelain crowns, can undoubtedly improve the appearance of a tooth or teeth multiple, recommended only in conjunction with the previous tooth repair, and not merely for cosmetic purposes.

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Dental implants

Do not wait to restore your perfect smile. In John McAllister DDS clinic, we provide services of no matter if it is a tooth missing or multiple missing teeth and dental implants. As all our oral care services, always ensure that our patients are more comfortable and more knowledgeable as possible throughout the process of treatment with a cultivated care and professionalism that encompasses the philosophy of our practice.

By its excellent stability and strength, implants dental are often the treatment of choice for those who want their teeth that sit the most possible natural, no matter if tooth that is missing is the result of periodontitis, tooth decay or injury. They are physically and biologically designed to joining the jaw bone and are considered permanent and a solution to missing teeth. They are significantly stronger than bridges or dentures because implants are integrated with the mandible with small titanium screws. During several months along, implant naturally are bound with the mouth.

In the dental office of John McAllister DDS, our experts execute this procedure that is relatively easy to restore your smile and your teeth look and function as a natural set of teeth.

There is no need to leave for later restoration of that fantastic smile. Contact us today and ask for an appointment.   (top)

Downey CA – dentist Office

A visit to the dentist’s office is not to only check for decay. In John McAllister DDS clinic, we offer many services of dental care for the convenience of your dental needs. We are always at the forefront of investigations most modern dentistry and use methods more per day and technology to help our patients achieve smiles wishing.

Have the experience of dentistry as anywhere else. Our expert and experienced dental specialists often perform a variety of procedures general dental. With our ultra modern equipment and with multidisciplinary staff dedicated to their dental health, we are in a unique position to offer the best kind of dental care.

Dentist visits are essential. In the clinic of John McAllister DDS, we always advocate preventive dental care. Having good hygiene oral not only keeping their teeth clean and polished, is also essential for your health in general. Do not let that lack of hygiene of oral health will bring them a variety of problems, dental and medical as pyorrhea of gums, infection, heart disease, apoplexy, and quiscas diabetes attack. Stop by our clinic and allow our dental care experts to professionally clean your teeth. We recommend professional cleanings by meno it twice a year to remove dental plaque and Tartar and prevent caries, gingivitis and gum disease.

In the clinic of John McAllister DDS, we specialize in and frequently respond to a variety of dental cleaning procedures. We are committed to provide the most high quality and dental care to our patients. To request an appointment, porfavo contact us today.  (top)


Invisalign alinadoresTransform your appearance and stimulate their self-confidence with Invisalign, invisible solution for that smile that always sone. With Invisalign, unless you mention it, no one is given account that is being worn. Because it uses a series of clear removable alinadores to straighten your teeth. Invisalign is the alternative solution to the more traditional dental braces.

In the past, getting braces it involved years of painful adjustments and fights with the self-image. Invisalign changing the face of orthodontics to more than half a million satisfied patients when it was introduced in 1999. Instead of wires or bands connected on the outside of your teeth, Invisalign treatment uses innovative technology to prepare a series of plastic and transparent molds of their teeth during each of the alignment.  In the office of John McAllister DDS, we control their progress and give their next mold or “alinador” every two weeks to keep your treatment online.

Because the alinadores are removable is more easy to eat, brush and use floss. They accommodate your teeth gradually in less time than regular braces. This is because each alinador is individually made and tailored for you by little teeth to move in position. With Invisalign, you vera the results in six months to a year. You can improve the smile of anyone who has the cross bite, Overbite, bitten bottom, teeth overheads or spaced teeth.

Invisalign is the solution that is worth to smile is. To worked for more than one million smiles. They are comfortable to wear and easy to live with. Please call now to John McAllister DDS Office for the smile you always wanted.  (top)

LANAP periodontal

John McAllister DDS clinic, our dental team of specialists focus on the diagnosis and treatment of periodontal disease (gum infection). Our treatment procedure incorporates methods and techniques modern as part of our philosophy in providing exceptional dental care to help our patients achieve the smile you deserve.

For those who suffer from periodontal disease, but fear the treatment procedure, we offer a technique minimally invasive called LANAP (“Laser Assisted New Attachment Procedure” or in Spanish “New coupling Laser-assisted procedure”), a technique patented and approved by the FDA, which does not involve cutting or suturing the gums. This means that there is less discomfort for the patient compared to conventional periodontal surgery – during and after the procedure.

LANAP also has the potential to regenerate structures lost as new calcification in the root of the tooth, new fibers of the periodontal ligament, and new bone because enter the dental tissues Foundation, gums and bone.
During the procedure, a tiny laser fiber (about the thickness of three human hairs) is inserted between the tooth and the gums. This clears the infection.

LANAP is more quickly than traditional surgery. You need only two visits to the dentist for 2 hours and several short examination visits. And with a payback in less than 24 hours, you will not lose time from work. Because it gives less stress than conventional surgery, LANAP is well suited for the elderly and frail patients and for people with health problems like diabetes, hemophilia, or people taking medications to alleviate the blood such as Coumadin.

To order a LANAP consultation, call us today!  (top)


We value the health and appearance of your teeth. We can restore your natural smile with veneers. Discover the benefits of a bright, beautiful smile without having to endure long and cumbersome procedures.

Veneers are thin covers, made to cover only the front of your teeth. They are used for correcting irregular teeth, enamel worn, fading, vaulted teeth, and irregular spaces between teeth. As one of the most popular and effective developments in cosmetic dentistry, veneers can serve a restorative purpose and you can protect a damaged tooth that does not get worse. With proper care, veneers can last more than 20 years. They can also serve for restorative purposes and can protect a damaged tooth that does not get worse.

Veneers – which can be of porcelain, composite resin or Lumineers-are resistant to stains and soft gums. Of the three, porcelain veneers are the most resistant to stains and vaulted and technique more popular used for renewals of dramatic smiles. They are also more faces. LUMINEERS on the other hand, are a type of enough popular veneer. They require that their teeth are scraped and can even be placed on crowns or bridges. A set of custom Lumuneers can be placed in 2-3 visits and are proven to last over 20 years.

Visit our John McAllister DDS clinic to find out how the veneers can completely reform your teeth and make them look more aesthetically pleasing to the eye and natural.  (top)


Digital X ray


There are several benefits in the use of digital radiography on traditional film x-ray:

Less radiation – Implemented in digital radiography equipment exposes the patient to less radiation. Even digital x-rays use up to 90 percent less radiation than film x-rays. While conventional dental X rays are relatively safe, digital radiography is an excellent choice pair who take X rays on a regular basis, or for those people who are worried about the radiation.

Visits to the dentist more short – digital radiography can also shorten their visit to the dentist. With traditional dental X rays, you have to wait while the dentist reveals the film. With digital radiography, sensor reveals the photo almost instantly and projecting it to the computer monitor in front of their eyes.

Best quality – standard size of the traditional x-ray images can be difficult to see, but digital radiography to removed this mindset that one size fits all. Once on the screen, digital x-rays can expand or magnify to have a better view of the structure of the tooth. Clarity, contrast and colour also can be adjusted, allowing your dentist see decay easily but small. If you need a copy of your beam X, digital images can be printed.

Transfer of documents Dental – digital images can be transferred via email so a dental specialist can check them immediately. Digital x-rays eliminated the costs and time of copying files and send them by mail to another dentist, making it easy to transfer files dental or consult a second opinion. As more offices are converted to electronic patient charts, computers can completely eliminate the need to send dental files by mail.

Eco-friendly – digital X rays are better for the environment! With the digital radiography, there are no chemicals that are used in the x-ray film. Also there is no space wasted by a dark room and is not required to archive film, which can accumulate in the archives of the dentist.  (top)



Powerprox braces ® technique for six months

Do not hide your smile more. Now you can have, in six months, this beautiful and sexy smile you always wanted – so, in six months! Powerprox technique of braces ® by six months will move their front teeth to their more beautiful position giving a fantastic smile! It doesn’t matter if your teeth are overheads, overlapping, separate, we can give you the smile you always wanted in just six months.

Frequently asked questions about Powerprox

As my teeth can be straightened only 6 months?

Powerprox braces ® for six months using proven techniques that combine with latest in dental materials and technologies to move your teeth quickly and safely. Many of the components that makes up the Powerprox braces ® for six months have been used in dentistry for more than 60 years. Powerprox braces ® by six months simply combines these components in a way that is new and fascinating to achieve our main goal of give you the smile you always wanted at the time most fast possible.

“The braces tighten” more severely to move teeth?

Absolutely not! Forces used when the braces are overtightened not only cause pain, but now reduces movement of the teeth.  The light force currently moves the teeth more quickly than forces more high. Using low force to move teeth allows more continuity to the movement with less pain than with high forces. The result is more fast, more secure, and more comfortable movement of your teeth during your treatment.

Do I need to wear a retainer?

With any dental procedure needs to be a retainer to keep their final tooth position.  Powerprox braces ® for six months does not use the typical retainer with a large wire little aesthetic across the front of your teeth. Instead we use invisible retainers molded precisely so that they conform to your teeth. When using retainers nobody will notice them. Another popular option is to use a splint retainer and soldiers together behind your teeth so that they do not notice.

The Powerprox braces ® for six months damaged teeth or gums in any way?

Absolutely not! The causes for the complications mentioned above are for the biology of each and high forces for a long time. The majority of our cases are completed in a short time using low forces to move your teeth. It is very unlikely that you are suffering some damage while it is treated with Powerprox braces ® for six months.

Powerprox braces ® for six months costs more than Regular braces?

The truth is that Powerprox braces ® for six months are generally less expensive than other methods of straightening teeth. Because there are very few necessary office visits when you are dealing with Powerprox braces ® by six months the treatment fee is almost always lower than with traditional braces.


Discover that beautiful smile can be, and that can quickly achieve it. Look at these amazing before and after photos of actual patients treated with PowerProx braces ® by six months.

  • Example 1 teeth before PowerProxBefore
  • Example 1 teeth after PowerProxThen


  • Example 2 teeth before PowerProxBefore
  • Example 2 teeth after PowerProxThen


  • Example 3 teeth before PowerProxBefore
  • Example 3 teeth after PowerProxThen



“In 40 years never I smiled without feeling me not”

“My main concern when I came was my crooked teeth. Always I felt insecure when he smiled. Past 5 months since my first visit and my teeth are perfectly right. I have to get used to show my teeth when he smiled at me.”

“Always hate my smile and have even, white teeth is a realized dream.”



™ iNMAN aligners

Rapid correction of teeth earlier rotations, after crowding, and adult relapse without the need for multiple devices.

Inman aligners 1The Inman aligners used spiral springs NiTi a gentle force applied to the teeth without the need for multiple expensive devices to complete the correction. Both lingual and labial components work together as if they were opposing Pistons to move teeth. In the majority of cases, the device is ideal for correct anterior rotations, after crowding, and relapse adult teeth.

The teeth move great distances

The Inman aligners achieve a controlled and continuous movement of the teeth over one greater distance compared with conventional aligners. This pre-programmed appliance makes adjustments virtually unnecessary. Precise alignment is achieved with a single device.

Comfortable for patients

NiTi spiral springs gives the Inman aligners adjustment and easy touch, compared with annoying pressure that is felt with rigid Springs aligners.

Cash for retraction and crossbite

Inman aligners components can also be used for a wide range of applications. The labial component is effective to retract the anterior teeth. This component replaces the use of elastic and the associated problems up into the gum.

Cross bite prior to using the lingual component can be corrected. Using it as a fixed or removable appliance, this variation of the Inman aligner eliminates the need for springs more long, screws and adjustments.

Option: Only motion Lingual to Labial

2 Inman aligners

Similar in function to the the Inman aligners, this modification is ideal for individuals who require an incisor alignment tongue-to-lip, with limited labial-a – lingual need. The lingual component work as piston-type force to move teeth in a labial direction.  Acrylic bow helps control the incisor alignment from the lip when the teeth are pushed out.

Aligners iNMAN ™ frequently asked questions

Are the Inman aligners new?
Patients have been treated with Inman aligners since 2000. In the U.S. approximately 450 to 500 new patients prescribed them treatment with Inman aligners every month.

Are the Inman aligners to Invisalign comparable?
No, the Inman aligners are used to treat only the teeth forward above and below. Invisalign can try the full arch (all their teeth).

Be uncomfortable treatment with Inman aligners?
No. Due to mild but constant orthodontics generated forces, appliances are easily tolerated.  We suggest taking aspirin or Tylenol for the first days of treatment if you find any discomfort.

Will it affect me talk to the Inman aligners?
If. The Inman aligner will affect talk during a week or two. But you aclimatará is equipment with time and will be able to speak well with them put.

It will I need to see the doctor for adjustments?
The Inman aligners are pre-programmed to reduce the necessity of visiting our office. We recetaremos you a treatment for your needs.


This young woman wanted a fantastic smile but was not prepared to that your teeth are ground as a stump to place veneers and also did not want fixed braces on your teeth. The Inman aligners gave him the perfect solution and after that his top teeth were straightened everything that was missing was a little bleach and some composite adhesive to replace old fillings in their two front teeth. Your top teeth are straightened in only 12 weeks.

  • Testimony 1 front teeth before aligners InmanBefore
  • Testimony 1 front teeth after aligners InmanThen
  • Testimony 1 side teeth aligners after InmanBefore
  • Testimony 1 side teeth aligners before InmanThen
  • Testimony 1 face of girl after aligners InmanThen

She was so happy that it was made to straighten teeth below.

Tracy was concerned about the wear and deterioration of their front teeth that were overheads. These cases are usually treated with porcelain veneers. They can give excellent results but when teeth are a little twisted, many times, a large part of the tooth is needed down to put the tooth in the correct position.

  • Front 2 teeth testimony before aligners InmanBefore
  • Front 2 teeth testimony after aligners InmanThen
  • Testimony 2 side teeth aligners before InmanBefore
  • Testimony 2 side teeth aligners after InmanThen
  • Testimony 2 face of girl after aligners InmanThen

Instead she decided to first straighten your teeth with Inman aligners. The teeth were straightened out in 10 weeks. It is clear that they are instead of veneers, teeth were bleached it and edges reformed with adhesive compounds without lowering nothing.


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