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Santa Fe Springs Cosmetic Dentist

Gum trimming in Santa Fe Springs

Santa Fe Springs cosmetic dentist

Santa Fe Springs cosmetic dentist

If your gums are too high or too low, let us at Cosmetic and Family Dentist help. With gum trimming, you can have a more attractive smile; one you can be proud of. It’s a safe and effective method for promoting better-looking and healthier gums.

It can really affect your self-esteem and confidence when your teeth appear to be smaller than they are; or conversely, when they look too big. The reason for this is that your gums are not covering your teeth in the manner they should. They are either over-covering or under-covering. There are various reasons why this occurs, and can include genetic history or as a side-effect of some prescription medication. The reason that most people seek out gum trimming from our Santa Fe Springs cosmetic dentist is that they want to improve how they look. And that makes sense. But receding gums, which is when your teeth are not being covered enough, can also leave you susceptible to tooth decay and the consequences that bring with it, including cavities, root canal treatment, and possibly having the tooth extracted. Gum trimming can also be useful when the crown of your tooth is being covered by gum tissue that has grown too far. At that point, however, it is a danger to your overall dental wellness. Our Santa Fe Springs cosmetic dentist will discuss with you how much gum tissue will be trimmed as part of the procedure. You will be sufficiently numbed with local anesthesia, and should expect to be comfortable during the surgery. Afterward, you might need over-the-counter pain relievers.

You will want to be gentle with brushing while your gums heal. Our Santa Fe Springs cosmetic dentist will show you how and offer valuable tips. You don’t have to put up with receding gums or a gummy smile anymore. Call us to arrange a convenient time to come in for a consultation about gum trimming.

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