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Mini implants in Pico Rivera

Pico Rivera dentist

Pico Rivera dentist

Mini implants are a revolutionary new way to have implants placed in the mouth for immediate tooth stabilization. Mini implants done by our Pico Rivera dentist at Cosmetic and Family Dentist provide support to the lower jaw and help enhance function. Mini implants are surgically implanted into the jaw just like regular implants. Made from a strong titanium alloy, implants provide a durable and stable root for an artificial tooth to be placed on top of.

After a mini implant procedure, patients should follow regular oral hygiene plans as directed by our Pico Rivera dentist. We will schedule subsequent follow up visits which will allow us to evaluate your oral hygiene and remove plaque as needed. Patients are directed to not use tobacco or smoke cigarettes and indulge in alcohol during the dental implant procedure and healing process. Surprisingly, dental the root of dental implants is actually much stronger than the root of a natural tooth. Implants never need root canal procedures nor fillings. Mini implants are just like regular implants, but a little bit smaller in size. The titanium post is the same, except is has a ball and socket with a rubber ring that attaches the tooth to the post. Mini implants are designed to replace teeth and suitable for securing dentures that come loose but can also attached bridges and fixed crowns.

Another benefit to receiving mini implants is that they can be installed in just one visit, without sutures and using just local anesthesia. Regular implants take several months to heal and require a few different dental appointments to place. Some patients may need a bone graft if recommended by our Pico Rivera dentist if they do not have enough gum and bone to place a regular implant. In this case, if the patient suffers from bone loss, mini implants are ideal because they fit better.

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