Dental insurance

Question: do you accept dental insurance?
Answer: We accept all indemnity and PPO plans. It means that you can go to your favorite dentist.


Question: What dental insurance should get?
Answer: Choose one of these if they offer PPO or indemnity in its work. This way you don’t have to choose an unknown dentist from a list.  You will have right to see your favorite dentist.


Question: do I need dental insurance to see a dentist?
Answer: not. We have many patients who pay in cash. We also have patients who already have an HMO insurance plan and all so come to see.  We offer discounts for payment in cash and also work with a financial company to help those patients who cannot pay in cash. This same company also offers up to 24 months without interest (Care Credit).


Q: should I get an HMO?
Answer: If you are given the choice of an HMO or PPO/indemnity plan through your employer, the indemnity/PPO plan is better because they don’t have a list of dentists to choose. You won’t need to wait for an order of referral to a specialist. HMOs have rules and regulations that limit the types of treatments that you can get to the dentist. Important is the relationship with your dentist so treatment plans can be used unless insurance companies interfering.


Question: what is an HMO plan?
Answer: HMO represents health maintenance organization (Health Maintenance Organization). They pay dentist, that you is registered, a certain monthly amount. This includes rays free X, exams and cleanings. For treatments have a co-payment (co-payment). For example the majority of HMOs do not cover natural color fillings or do not pay for a porcelain Crown. What does this mean? The office requires additional charges the patient for work not covered by the HMO. What one is saved with an HMO plan, in the long run, outweighs the same or perhaps they may be more expensive than treatments with an indemnity/PPO plan.


This is a video (in English) of a lawyer who talk about Dental insurance and Dental neglect.




A dental “benefit” can be offered by an insurance company only if the company obtained a gain. In order to make a profit, the insurance company must ensure that the money that pays in benefits is much lower than the amount charged by the insurance premiums. If you pay more than they receive, will be bankrupt.

If a person buying individual dental insurance, the fact that the insurance company must be billed to the purchaser more than what the policy pay already is included in the price. On average, the purchaser of the insurance policy must pay around $100 in premium for about $75 – $80 in benefits. The difference is the administrative expenses of the insurance company and the profit of the company.

With this in mind – with the person paying $100 to an insurance company only for $80 in dental care–one has to wonder, why buy dental insurance? It is obviously cheaper spend $80 directly at the dentist for $80 in services dental that pay $100 to an insurance company for those same 80 dollars in services. For an individual who wants to buy a ‘benefit’ dental individual, obviously the cost makes sense.

Anyone who buy dental insurance means that the cost of the insurance will be less than the cost of your dental care. If not, there would be no reason to buy insurance. Therefore, the buyer assumes erroneously that another would be responsible for the costs of your dental care that exceeds the cost of the insurance.

With the (not individual) group dental insurance, policies are only sold to large groups (such as the employees of a company) and not individuals. Statistics show that buyers of large groups, many members of the group nor use your dental insurance in the course of a year, despite the fact that premiums are paid in full. These people not using their profits of the group can number from 30% to 40% of persons covered by the policy and, in effect, pay the Bills of all persons unless used dental policy. Because it is carried out the payment of the premium through payroll deductions or directly by the employer, often employees don’t realize the costs of premiums.

Contrary to dental group plans, individual dental insurance should be paid by the individual purchaser. No one one would complicate your life to find and pay for a policy if they do not intend to use it! By that individual policies are used 100% compared with 60% to 70% of the people using Group policies. With individual policies, there is no “someone” who do not use the policy, therefore the individual do not have anyone that pays your invoice.

This reality of high utilization of individual policies is referred to in terms of insurance, “adverse selection.” When the insurance companies know that their policies are going to be subjected to “adverse selection”, will have to charge much more for premiums, or greatly limit the benefits, or both. In general, dental insurance companies choose to avoid the problems of adverse through selection of completely avoiding the individual insurance market, restricting its sales only to groups policies.

Thinking, the fact that dental insurance companies should raise more money than they pay, help people who are looking for a dental insurance to understand that its payment of the premium should be higher than the value of the dental care they receive. It is much more efficient and cheaper, find the best service at good price all dentists and pay query directly to the dentist, regardless the intermediary (“dental benefit company”, which does not perform dental treatment), thus the patient can pocket the savings.


The intention of all dental insurance plans are the same: help pay part of the cost of dental care. However, by selecting the complexities of different insurance plans can be difficult. Finally, patients are responsible to know what is your individual coverage. (Usually the employer) plan sponsors are required to provide detailed information about what is and what is not covered. Keep in mind that most plans limit the amount of dollars annually that will be paid.

Three types of currently existing dental benefit plans:

  • Traditional or plans pay-per service”allow patients to get medical care with a general dentist or specialist of your choice. Traditional plans provide benefits based on a quota plan or a usual percentage of usual and reasonable (charges U.C.R.) determined by the medical insurer. Typically, the majority of dental services are reimbursed 50 to 80% of the U.C.R. charges In addition, patients may be responsible for paying the difference between the UCR charges and regularly receives the dental office.
  • In a direct return plan, the patient pays the dental Bill and present the receipt to the employer to receive a refund. Restrictions there is less the limitation on the total amount that will be paid.
  • Managed dental care plans restrict your choice of dentist, will only pay a maximum of benefits if services are provided by a dentist in his plan. As traditional plans, limiting the type and frequency of service and require that the patient page the difference between the quantity covered and that the dentist charges.

Regardless of the type of plan that has, there are a number of terms that should be familiar, including:

  • Deductible – the amount you pay personally rather than dental insurance comes to pay.
  • Copay – their share of the financial responsibility of a given dental service.
  • Limitations – such as waiting periods before starting the coverage.
  • Exclusions – treatments not covered as implants or pre-existing conditions.
  • Annual or maximum benefit lifetime – the limit of dollars that is timbercreek monetarily the insurer.


It is also a good idea to find out if the plan has the option to “freedom of choice” or “point of service”. This allows you to find dental care with a physician of your choice. In most plans, you will not receive full benefits if you select a practitioner not associated with the plan. Otherwise, you always can go to the dentist of your choice if you are willing to pay.

If the plan does not cover a procedure that is recommended by your dentist, this does not mean that the treatment is not necessary; It only means that the procedure is outside the scope of the coverage of the plan.

Limitations of coverage are the result of financial commitment to its promoter of plan or employer has agreed to make and the benefits to the insurance company offered in Exchange for this commitment.

Periodontal disease should be closely monitored and can involve many treatments to improve their condition, so be sure to talk to your dentist about the specific costs of its plan of treatment. If using a dental insurance plan is not an option for you, many dental professionals offer financing options that will help you get the care you need.


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