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Root Canal Therapy in Pico Rivera

When it comes to root canal infections, then you may need a series of specific procedures to rectify the problem and improve your health. If you need root canal therapy, then our dentist in Pico Rivera here at Cosmetic and Family Dentist can provide you with the specific procedures that you’ll need.

Root canal infections and cavities tend to share very similar symptoms. Both problems cause general toothaches, headaches, and overall sensitivity, especially while eating food or when open air hits the infected location. The main difference between root canal infections and cavities, at least in terms of their symptoms, is the intensity of the pain experienced. Root canal infections are generally more painful because they also involve the inflammation and infection of the nerve ending located in the infected tooth. Because the nerve ending is aggravated, your pain may feel more poignant and localized. The sooner you have a root canal infection treated, the better. However, root canal therapy is a delicate procedure and it may need to be followed up with several other procedures in order to be completely successful. Our dentist in Pico Rivera here at Cosmetic and Family Dentist can provide patients with the necessary surgeries and other procedures needed to get rid of the infection while salvaging the tooth and improving your dental health.

Root canal therapy is generally administered once you have been given a localized anesthetic and put under. The inflamed tissue is removed as well as the decayed portion of the tooth and the nerve ending. You may need to come back for additional visits to make sure that the infection is completely gone, or to undergo additional services such as apicoectomies or if you need dental crowns. Our dentist in Pico Rivera is here to provide you with whatever you need, and all you have to do is call us here at Cosmetic and Family Dentist to set up your visit.

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