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Teeth Whitening in Downey, California
Tooth compliance occurs over time.  The contributing factors are many and include the consumption of sodas, tea, and coffee, as well as other foods and drinks.  Smoking is also a common cause of stained yellow teeth.   Unfortunately, while stained yellow teeth may be prevented with lifestyle changes and good dental hygiene, eleven the yellowing has occurred then dental professional attention is required.
At John G McAllister DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Downey, our dentist and staff are trained to treat tooth compliance, even in extreme cases which are often caused by years of neglect and poor hygiene.   New whitening techniques available help to eliminate the yellowing and restore the beautiful, white smile, which is accomplished without stripping away the enamel or damaging the structure of the teeth.
During a patient’s first appointment, impressions are taken from which to model tray of the teeth is made.   At night, the patient fills the tray with a gentle whitening solution before placing it into her mouth.  The patient can then go about their usual tasks.  The process is very convenient and non-invasive.  As the solution breaks down, oxygen is forced through the enamel of the teeth, removing the yellow stains.   Patients began to notice results in as little as fourteen days.
In subsequent visits, dental professionals will provide patients with information about how to properly brush and floss, as well as which foods to avoid in order to prevent tooth compliance in the future.   Regular visits with the dentist are also important for prevention.  Following the correct hygiene guidelines at home, as well as having your teeth cleaned by a tilt every six months, will go a long way to helping prevent future compliance.
While there are whitening kits readily available for consumers to use at home, the reliability of these kits are questionable.  Furthermore, compliance may be a symptom of dental problems which can only be treated by dental professionals. For example, poor hygiene and lack of brushing leads to the buildup of tartar over time which is then stained by food or tobacco.  In this situation, to cleaning in which the tartar buildup is removed and the gums are allowed to heal should be a prerequisite to using the whitening agent.
If you’re embarrassed by tooth compliance, then the good news is that there are easy and dependable treatment options available that help to restore your smile to its original beauty.  For further information or to make an appointment today, please contact our office.
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