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Tooth Sensitivity in Downey, California
Tooth sensitivity can lead to uncomfortable pain when consuming hot or cold drinks, sweet and sour foods, or by simply breathing cold air.  The pain is often sudden and sharp, radiating through the tooth down into the nerves and producing a toothache.
Sensitive teeth are commonly caused by gum disease.  As the disease progresses, the gum tissue recedes and the underlying layer of the tooth is exposed to the air.  Because the root is not covered in enamel, food and liquids can make contact with it and produces the sudden pain often felt by patients.  Other causes include brushing too hard, which removes the protective layer from teeth over time, as well as tooth decay and grinding teeth.  Whatever the cause may be, the dentist and staff at John G McAllister DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Downey are trained to effectively treat the symptoms and causes of tooth sensitivity.
While sensitive teeth are often thought of by some people to simply be an annoyance, or perhaps just part of growing old, it is in fact a serious dental condition that can cause additional problems if left untreated.  Often, if people have sensitive teeth, they will brush or clean their teeth less frequently.  As a result, more dental problems are likely to occur such as Samba and advanced gum disease increased.  Therefore, it is important to seek out professional dental help and determine the causes of tooth sensitivity.
If the sensitivity is caused by the material fatigue of one or more teeth, the dentist will either adjust the patient’s bite, fill the tooth, or place a crown over the tooth, depending on the patient’s individual circumstances.  To prevent further wearing of enamel, the dentist and his staff will provide guidelines on how to safely brush and clean teeth, as well as possibly suggest applying a protective coating or treatment with fluoride.  Additionally, patients may be asked to avoid consuming certain foods that can chemically degrade teeth over time.   If the sensitivity is due to teeth grinding, then other treatment procedures will be discussed.  The cause of the sensitivity is usually very easy to determine and treatment options are readily available which can effectively reduce or eliminate the problem.
Sensitive teeth are not simply minor discomfort, but are in fact a symptom of dental problems that can lead to erosion, infection, and even tooth loss when not treated properly.  Because of this, patients are urged to seek out professional dental advice.  Downey, California residents can contact our office for further information or to schedule an appointment with our dentist.
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