Six month braces

Powerprox Six Month Braces ® Technique

Don’t hide your smile anymore. Now you can have that gorgeous, sexy smile you’ve always wanted in just six months – that’s right, six months! Powerprox Six Month Braces ® will move your front teeth to their most beautiful position giving you a great smile. Whether your teeth are crowded together, overlapped, or have spaces between them, we can give you the smile you have always wanted in just six months.

Frequently Asked Questions About Powerprox

How Can My Teeth Be Straightened In Just 6 Months?

Powerprox Six Month Braces ® uses time tested techniques combined with the latest in orthodontic materials and technologies to move your teeth quickly and safely. Many of the component pieces that make up Powerprox Six Month Braces ® have actually been used in orthodontics for over 60 years. Powerprox Six Month Braces ® simply puts these pieces together in a new and exciting way to achieve our main goal of giving you the smile you have always wanted in the fastest time possible.

Do You Just “Tighten” The Braces More Severely To Move The Teeth?

Absolutely not! The stronger forces used when you over tighten braces not only cause you pain but will actually slow down your tooth movement. Lighter forces actually move teeth faster than higher forces. Using low forces to move the teeth allow more continuity to the movement with less pain than high forces. The result is faster, safer and more comfortable tooth movement during your treatment.

Do I Need To Wear A Retainer?

With any orthodontic procedure you need to wear a retainer to maintain your final tooth positions. Powerprox Six Month Braces ® does not use the typical retainer with large non-esthetic wire running across the front of the teeth. Rather we use invisible retainers that are molded to fit your teeth precisely. When you are wearing your retainer no one will be able to see them. Another popular option is to use a splinted retainer that is bonded behind your teeth again so no one can see them.

Does Powerprox Six Month Braces ® Damage The Teeth Or Gums In Any Way?

Absolutely not! The causes for the above complications are individual biology and high forces over a long period of time. Most of our cases are completed in a short period of time using low forces to move your teeth. It is highly unlikely you will experience any damage while being treated with Powerprox Six Month Braces ®.

Do Powerprox Six Month Braces ® Cost More Than Regular Braces?

Actually Powerprox Six Month Braces ® are generally less expensive than other tooth straightening methods. Since there are far fewer office visits required when treating you with Powerprox Six Month Braces ® the treatment fee is often lower than traditional braces.


Discover how beautiful your new smile can be, and how quickly you can achieve it. Just look at these incredible before-and-after photos of actual patients treated with Powerprox Six Month Braces ®.

Example 1 of Teeth Before Powerprox               Example 1 of Teeth After Powerprox

Before                                                    After

2 example of Teeth Before Powerprox              2 example of Teeth After Powerprox

Before                                                    After

3 example of Teeth Before Powerprox              3 example of Teeth After Powerprox

Before                                                    After

“I never smiled without being self-conscious in 40 years.”

“My main concern when I came in was the misalignment of my teeth.” I was very self-conscious when I smiled. It’s been about 5 months since my first visit and my teeth are perfectly straight. I will have to get used to smiling showing my teeth.”

“I have always hated my smile and straight white teeth on me is a dream come true.”

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