Misaligned teeth

Misaligned Teeth

Misaligned teeth is often hereditary, but can be caused by a number of other factors.  One of the more common causes is childhood habits, such as thumb sucking or the prolonged use of a bottle.  These can lead to misalignment which is often referred to as crowded teeth.   In adults, misalignment can result from lost or impacted teeth, as well as poorly designed crowns and fillings.   Whatever the cause may be, modern dentistry offers solutions to correct misalignment issues and improve the smiles of patients.



At John G McAllister DDS Family and Cosmetic Dentistry in Downey, California, our dentist and staff are experienced in correcting misaligned teeth.   One of the best solutions currently offered today for adults suffering with misalignment issues is the Invisalign aligners or braces.  Through the use of cutting edge technology, a clear set of aligners are made to be fitted into the mouths of patients.  These aligners are essentially invisible, yet work excellently to correct misaligned teeth over a period of time.




Patients who have abnormally aligned teeth often suffer from a variety of symptoms.  First, there is an increased likelihood of social anxiety due to not feeling comfortable with their own smiles.  As a result, these patients smile less often in public, rarely expressing their true range of emotions.  This can further lead to social withdrawal and even depression.  In severe cases of misaligned teeth, an abnormal appearance of the face may develop, as well as speech difficulties.  Discomfort while eating is also a common symptom.
When you first make an appointment, our staff will begin by assessing your individual situation.  X-rays will be taken and the dentist will make impressions of your teeth.  At this point, the impressions are sent to Invisalign where a series of clear aligners are created for the patient to wear.  Once received, the patient will begin wearing these aligners under the supervision of the dentist.  Every two weeks, one aligner will be exchanged for a newer one, as the teeth begin to correct to their desired locations.  The end result is a more healthy looking smile as realignment occurs over the course of treatment, which lasts an average of eleven months.
During this process, you’ll want to see the dentist once every four to six weeks in order to discuss any problems you may have with the new aligners.   Some patients experience mild discomfort or irritation of the gums, which can easily be treated by the dentist.
Misaligned teeth are more easily treated when corrected early in life.  Adults, however, no longer have to suffer through misalignment issues or wear metal braces.   Invisalign aligners are clear solution for helping you have the smile you’ve always wanted.  Contact our office for more details or to set up an appointment today.
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