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While headaches are symptomatic of a number of diseases and disorders, they are also commonly caused by jaw clenching during sleep. This constant squeezing and contraction of the muscles of the jaw tension produced in the nerves, which often results in ailments such as headaches migraine and tension.
A common for this type of headache symptom is a stiff or sore jaw when you first wake up in the morning, over time, teeth can a slit or broken as they deteriorate under the pressure caused by bruxism.


Dentist John G McAllister DDS family and cosmetic dentistry in Downey, California offers consultation to patients to help them determine if their headaches have a dental component. If so, several treatment options are available. One common option is the use of the Nti Dental night guard.  This is a small device that fits between the teeth at night while the patient sleeps. It works by reducing the intensity of bruxism, avoiding contact between the mandibular canine and molar teeth.  As a result, the contraction of the muscles in the jaw and the lobe is reduced significantly, preventing the development of headaches.
Nti night guard can usually be mounted in an appointment. The process is relatively simple. First, the patient is the guard to see how well fits between the front teeth. The dentist then customize the setting using the plastic material. Adjustments are made so that the patient is comfortable using the night guard.
Most patients notice a difference in the frequency of headaches in a few weeks. Other advantages of the dental night guard appliance is that they do not imply the use of drugs or therapy to work. As such, it is much more convenient for patients. A follow-up appointment may be suggested by the dentist, specially if you have a problem with the use of the device. Generally, however, a single quote is all that is required to prepare and adjust the patient with the device.
Tension and migraine headaches can be very painful to the distractions at work and the inability to focus on tasks at home. Fortunately, relief is available with the use of a dental appliance of simple plastic that works by reducing the tension in the facial muscles as you clench your teeth at night. For more information, please contact our office for an appointment.
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