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Modern dentistry has advanced to the point that now there are effective treatments for all dental problems, no matter the seriousness of the case in particular. These solutions have been shown to be effective through research and practice to help correct the problems and also to treat the root causes that bring disease, deterioration, and possible tooth loss.

In John G. McAllister DDS family dentist and cosmetic in the city of Downey, California, have a modern office with latest equipment to diagnose and treat dental problems best. Our solutions are pain-free as possible and at the same time we try that our patients are more comfortable during your visit. Our staff and the dentist have a combined total experience of decades working with patients to find solutions to the most demanding problems.

Solutions for conditions ranging from bad breath to broken teeth are available that they can correct those problems and allow patients to have a healthy and beautiful smile again. Chronic diseases, such as the gingivitis may require several treatments and subsequent appointments to ensure that the gums are treated properly and allow you to heal without complications. In our clinic, often, we treat patients who have gum disease and provide effective treatments at the same time restore broken teeth. We also work with patients who feel anxious and suffers from a condition called fear of the dentist. Our staff are compassionate of each person’s individual needs and take your time to make the patient feel the most comfortable possible before proceeding with any treatment.

For those that need immediate attention, we have a telephone hotline available twenty-four hours for patients. Simply call the number at any time, day or night, to connect with an operator live that can determine if you have a dental emergency that needs to be addressed it more soon possible. Severe dental traumas as losing a tooth or teeth agretiados, will require specific treatments in order to save those teeth. Fortunately, our hotline staff are present when we need urgent.

Modern dental solutions have come to the point that no one should feel eager to go to the dentist. The dental professionals now have the tools to cater to the most severe cases of disease and decay, while maintaining patient relatively comfortable during the process. Visit to our clinic and we will be more than happy to give in detail our latest solutions for your dental problems.

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