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Dental Fillings Why should they be minimally invasive?

Why you should request minimally invasive Dental Fillings by your Downey Dentist? What is the difference between traditional Dental Fillings and Minimally Invasive Fillings?


Traditionally Dentists will prepare the tooth depending on the material to be used.  For instance silver amalgam fillings need a minimum of two millimeters deep and two millimeters wide.  Traditional preparation techniques require extension for prevention design.  That means the dentist will take his 2x2mm design into areas that MAY get decay.  Therefore the dentist will remove sound tooth structure that does not need to be removed.  The reason we here at Downey Dentist your prefer to use white composite fillings is that only the decayed portion of the tooth is removed and NO further, no need for extension for prevention, not for resistance form extension, No extension for retention.  


Here is a video that was taken through a microscope.  Yes Dr McAllister does use a surgical microscope to Global G6 in order to make his preparations as minimally invasive as possible.  If Dr McAllister does not use the microscope I will always use surgical loupes that have a minimum 6 x magnification.




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