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Best Dentist in Downey CA

General dental office in Downey CA

Best dentist in Downey CA

Best dentist in Downey CA

With a wide array of general dental services offered, form cosmetic to restorative; from periodontics to wisdom teeth removal and root canal therapy, you can count on our best dentist in Downey CA. Here at Cosmetic and Family Dentist, you can depend on highly skilled and gentle care with a high degree of experience behind it.

Restorations include fillings, crowns, veneers, and replacement of full teeth, such as with a bridge, dentures, or an implant. It is the goal of our best dentist in Downey CA to keep your smile full and complete. Fillings are important for addressing cavities and keeping your teeth safe from bacterial infections. Crowns are enormously versatile. They can be used to augment teeth that have become chipped or cracked, or are crooked or discolored. Crowns are also a key part of a fixed dental bridge, holding the bridge in place on either side. Partial and full dentures, which are removable, are also available when you have several or even all of your teeth to replace. And we also offer the most advanced full-tooth restoration available: dental implants.

Veneers, bonding, teeth whitening, gum trimming, and even six-month braces comprise our cosmetic dental services. There are many obstacles to having the ideal smile that you want. In addition to chipped teeth, misshapen or poorly-sized teeth, and gaps between that are too wide, the thin shells that are veneers and fit over the fronts of your teeth are also a more longterm solution for whitening, especially if you have a lot of crowns and other restorations. Speaking of whitening, our best dentist in Downey CA can do it right here at our office or give you an easy and convenient take-home version.

Treatment for pain includes the removal of wisdom teeth and performing root canal therapy. Wisdom teeth don’t always pose a problem, and don’t always need to be removed. It’s only when they grow in crooked that they have to be extracted. Unfortunately, that happens more frequently than not. And when an infection in the pulp of one of your teeth leads to severe pain, the best, and usually only, way to save the tooth is with root canal therapy. You can count on our best dentist in Downey CA to perform the procedure with the utmost of comfort thanks to modern techniques and equipment.

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